hi !


why ? why not

what ? a joyful companion

what for ? to celebrate life

how ? go all out and play


My name is Venty Vergianti. I am the artist behind Prettart, a contemporary ceramic brand based in Bali. I use design and art as a medium to tell a story, of a person, a place, a time, or an event.

The idea of playing has always been the DNA of my creative approach. I like to see things come out naturally as a result of a spontaneous act. I celebrate serendipity and lightness. To me, serendipity is like the beginning of a new chapter that contains many pages ready to be unfolded, while lightness is like a little empty space that evokes multiple interpretations and invites interaction.

My work is a personal research on perception. How perception creates meaning and is built upon complex elements. For me the story of perception is never about right or wrong, facts or fantasy, it only reveals how wide and rich life is.